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The Annual Grier School Q&A!! // Episode 172

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a great weekend! This week's video is one that is always very dear to my heart - the annual Q&A! Every spring since ninth grade I've filmed a question and answer video with my best friends in which we talk about our years and answer popular questions about all-girls boarding school, since we're definitely not having the classic high school experience, hahaha.

This year's video was just as special and so fun to film. We filmed it right before dinner on the day before graduation, so it was one of those times where we were really soaking up every moment together before summer break. Four of my friends and I answered quite a few questions and summed up our junior year pretty well! Not all of my friends were available to be in it, but the lovely Haley, Kamryn, Zainab, and Amelia were wonderful guests. Be sure to check out the video and enjoy!!

This school year has been FULL. That's the only way I can think to describe it. Since I was in middle school all of my high school friends have told me that 11th grade is the hardest year of high school, describing it void of smiles and without enthusiasm, but I'm pleased to report that I actually enjoyed 11th grade! It was busy for sure, but I wouldn't call it an unenjoyable busy at all. The spring especially felt insane with scheduling - really for my entire family - as we had 3 different track competition schedules (28 track meets total between 3 of us!!!), school events, and countless other things going on. I got my driver's license, became certified as a lifeguard, finished up AP classes, took the SAT, survived finals, and on, and on. At one point my dad said that this spring felt like the point in my life where the world was testing me as a functioning member of society, as I got certified for my first job, took the SAT, and got my driver's license all in the same week. It was insane. God truly delivered us all, and I especially found myself a little more aware than usual of just how needy we are for His grounding love and support! How good God is. So many exciting things.

In the pictures below you'll see quite a few (but not all) of the rising senior class, as we took that picture right after graduation, right at the moment that we officially became the seniors. You'll also see some sweet photos from graduation with friends that I had to say some sad goodbyes to as they went home to their home countries. Something really special about Grier's graduation (besides all of. the white dresses!) is that each senior picks a "server", who is an underclassman that they basically "hand over the legacy to" at the Candlelight Ceremony, which is a ceremony the night before graduation that involves singing songs and passing around candles in the dark... long story, lol, but just know that it's suuuper special. I was honored to be my friend Kenzie's server, so that's us after both Candlelight and graduation. ❤️

These first few weeks of summer break have felt so relaxing, but I'm already getting on the grind of my first official job and lots of other fun things!! Have a wonderful June week! 💕

Episode 172: My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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