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The Indoor Track Insider - Photo 113 Final Project

Hello hello!! I hope you're having a great weekend. As you may be able to tell, I'm pumping out my saved up blog posts in order to empty my stock pile before an exciting spring quarter at SCAD, and next on that list is sharing my final project from my first college photography class. Our assignments all quarter had been thematically based, but our final was meant to be a personal expression of whatever type of photography we're passionate about at the time. Throughout this winter quarter I've found myself shooting a lot at indoor track meets, due to spending so much time running and sitting around such meets, so it felt only appropriate that my final project show that time commitment.

The day after my 5k race at NAIA indoor nationals in South Dakota (more on that later!) I had the joy of cheering my teammate Julia on in her 3k, and during that day at the track I decided to take my camera and document the wildly exciting and nerve wracking atmosphere that a national college championship is. These are the results - raw and emotional. Please enjoy getting a taste into the meet!!

Yay track!

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