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Thoughts from Above the Clouds - a faith talk // Episode 154

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! For this week's video I thought I would share a faith talk and blog post that was inspired by my first time flying, since I've been really inspired by that experience a few weeks ago.

I've been in an airport quite a few times in my life, but never - until a few weeks ago - had I ever actually flown on an airplane. It definitely felt like a delayed experience, since basically all of my boarding school friends literally have to fly to even get home, but I'm glad I got to experience it for the first time at an older age so that I could really recognize how incredible it is. I think these photos below (which are all from my first of 3 flights of that trip) really express how beautiful and majestic the skies looked from so high above clouds and civilization. When seeing the clouds in person from above for the first time, I was almost immediately reminded of this Bible verse:

Psalm 19:1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge."

This might seem like a very dramatic reaction to flying for the first time, but I was truly touched by it. How incredible is it that God really has made the heavens and earth in such beauty. The world from above seemed both so large and so attainable. On that plane I could go anywhere, and yet I was so amazed by just seeing the peaks of the clouds and the sun sparkling on the water below. I think that is a good metaphor for how God leads us through life - He can take us anywhere and everywhere in His will, and yet we still have the abilities and opportunities to delight in the details of His creation!

Something that I've definitely been coming to learn lately is how much joy comes from recognizing God in the details. I think that my photographer's eye is definitely pretty keen to notice such details, because with photography you're always watching for good lighting or interesting details to capture, whether that be in nature or in a person. This definitely motivates me a lot with photography, the idea of capturing and saving a beautiful moment or part of someone. In the same way, I think that some of God's most moving signs of His love for us are in the details.

In the same way, it was SO cool and moving to see how God shows His details in the most abstract and artistic ways. I personally think that God is an artist, just like how He says "you are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter" (Jeremiah 18:6). That verse is applicable in so many ways, but in this instance I notice the idea that God shapes all parts of the world to be noticed as a sign of His goodness. Each peak of a cloud is beautiful in some way, and can be noticed for that. If there's anything that reading the Bible has taught me so far, it's definitely that everything happens for a reason, so in the same way, every detail we notice can be (if we choose it!) a sign of God's love and thoughtfulness. I feel like thoughtfulness is definitely not a big enough word to describe God's creation, but it'll do for now, hahaha.

Flying also seemed like God showing me (and I guess us!) how perspective determines sooo much of how we view the world. I mean this in both mental and physical ways. Physically I got to see the world from a very different point of view than I ever had before, and I was reminded of just how small our lives are and how huge the world really is. But also, I think my mental perspective of the world definitely widens every time I travel, and even more so traveling alone. It's so easy to get stuck in the small worlds we grow up in, and while that's amazing and definitely meant to be treasured, I think to grow the most as citizens of the world we have to explore the rest of the world and hear/see/experience other people's perspectives. We can then recognize those and walk through the world with a sort of solidarity with our fellow world citizens.

Sheesh - that was a lot of thought! I explain this even more in the faith talk video, so be sure to check that out and enjoy!! You are so loved and chosen by God, and truly a masterpiece in His eyes. ❤️

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