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Visiting WTAJ with my YEA Class

*And before you ask, NO, I did not meet Joe Murgo. I know... :(

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I've done a blog post of just me writing and not saying just that there's a new YouTube video up, and today's a snow day, so here we go.

Yesterday, (Tuesday) my YEA class (short for Young Entrepreneurs Academy, click here for me to explain that) and I visited our local WTAJ news station and we got to go behind the scenes and see what it's really like at a news station! Me being the YouTuber and blogger that I am, I was pretty excited.

Our tour was led by the manager (or some official name like that that I can't remember right now, even though I'm going to be one pretty soon) and he showed us the editing rooms and where they plan what is actually a good story and stuff like that. It was all very exciting but the best part was when we got to go into the room that they film the weather report and actual news in. THAT was cool.

First of all, the actual "News" station with the desks and everything was really cool because whenever it's on TV, doesn't it look like they would have a big room that looks like that with WTAJ written everywhere and everything in red and blue? Well they actually only have the 7 feet that you do see. Oh yeah, and underneath the big desk is a few pedals that they secretly push for their (also secret) script to scroll.

The most fun part of the whole room was definitely the weather green screen! True to the title, it was a gigantic green screen and around it are three different cameras and screens showing what they look like with the green showing as the weather and map. Talk about multitasking! They have to read their script to make sure they're saying the right stuff, look at the screens to make sure they're pointing at the right area, oh yeah and maintain eye contact and smile so that the audience actually keeps watching! However, we weren't actually on air so we just played around and hoped that the cameras didn't randomly start actually recording. ;) The manager who was giving us the tour pulled out a green shirt and so we had the incredibly strange sensation of seeing your body WITHOUT A HEAD. He explained that anything with that shade of green will turn into the map so the reporters can't wear a green tie or dress unless they want to scare their audience half to death. For instance if you hold the shirt in front of your body, suddenly your belly button will be representing Williamsport, PA. Fun stuff!

I wish I could have brought my camera along to take some pictures but I hope you enjoyed reading this! Overall this was a very interesting experience and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to have it!!

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