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Your Guide to Autumn Layering

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great day! I've gotta say, I'm pretty obsessed with this outfit you see above! Of course, at least 25% of what I'm wearing is my mom's... but that's nothing new right?

The truth is, it's fall and that's means lots of layering! Layering makes the season transitions so much easier, because if you get hot then you can just take off a layer right? But there is a very fine line between stylish layering and 'I'm trying to wear all of my favorite clothes in one outfit' layering. For this outfit I put this tan high rise tank top with a more business-styled jacket and higher waisted jeans.

Here's a simple way to pick out the perfect layered outfit...

1) PICK A BASE - The base doesn't necessarily have to be the first thing you put on, it should be the piece that you want to wear the most and that could be the statement piece. It could be a skirt, pants, or even piece of jewelry. For this outfit the base was the jacket because I knew I wanted that to be the statement piece.

2) FIND YOUR NEXT BASIC PIECE - Think of an outfit as having two basics: a bottom and a top, something like pants or a skirt that you wear on the bottom, and a shirt or jacket that you wear on the top. If your base from #1 is a top, pick out bottoms that you think would work with it, if your base is bottoms (I feel like that's grammatically not correct but we're just gonna go with it, lol) pick out a top that you think would look good. Your basic shouldn't stand out too much - you want the base to pop - but it should look good with the base and not clash at all with patterns or color. For my outfit, the next basic piece was the jeans.

3) CHOOSE THE LITTLE THINGS - By this I mean get a tank top if you need it, or shoes, or whatever less important item you need to go wear the outfit in public. This can also mean jewelry, although make sure that your jewelry doesn't override the base, it should just compliment it. For this outfit my less important piece was the tan, high-necked tank top under the jacket and the brown sandals.

There you go! Now, by making this I'm not saying that I put this much effort into everything I wear, but it's nice to have a guide for if you're completely stumped when picking out a fall outfit. I hope this helps you out for all your fall-layering needs! (that you probably didn't know you had until you saw the title of this post!)

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