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13 Productive Things To Do When Quarantined // Episode 84

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a nice weekend! This week's video is a relaxing and fun one that hopefully can keep you busy during this time when it seems like everyone is staying at home almost 24/7. I made up a list of 13 productive things to do at home during self-quarantining, so check it out and enjoy!

Here's the list...

1) exercise

2) learn a new instrument

3) bake

4) learn to do/braid your hair

5) rearrange your room

6) read books

7) do your nails/try new nail designs

8) try yoga

9) start a YouTube channel (good editors: iMovie, Hitfilm Express)

10) learn a new language (there are lots of great apps for this, I've used Duolingo and it's great)

11) organize your closet & room

12) make a photo collage of your friends & family to put in your room

13) clean/organize your phone

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