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A Fall Day in the Life in 11th Grade! (life diaries) // Episode 163

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!! I'm back on YouTube with a super cool new vlog for you of a day in my life at school from a few weeks ago. It was such a fun Friday with classes, an afternoon hanging out on campus, a music concert that evening, and lots of crazy details in between. I've been in singing groups at my school since ninth grade, but the last time we had an audience for a performance was December 2019, so it was so nice to have family and friends there watching us perform in person! Our concert was for Parents Weekend, which is a weekend every fall at Grier when parents can come and we showcase the school for them with concerts, dance shows, and riding shows, as well as school tours and cool stuff like that. My friends and I had fun people watching as international families came and it was overall just a cool day!! Be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!

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