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A Weekend in NEW YORK CITY Vlog! // Episode 74

These are all pictures from the first night when we walked along 5th avenue and Rockefeller Center...

I hope you're having a fantastic week! This week's video and blog post are some of my absolute favorites because they are all about my weekend trip to New York City to visit my close friend Anna from school. I was so blessed to stay with her family in their apartment in Brooklyn and we had such a fun time exploring the city together! Lots more pictures from the trip will come but for now enjoy the video!

Also, this week's video and blog post are late because I started using a new editing software and there was some technical difficulties. :/ But big shoutout to Mr. Beckel (my video teacher) for helping me fix it! (and teaching me how to eject a disk correctly 10,000 times *forehead slap*)


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