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Becky's Cake

Okay... so you're probably wondering why in the world I just posted a pic of the alphabet and then put "Becky's Cake" under it. Weird, right? Well this is the part where I tell about a strange fascination I have...

You know how when you get cards around Christmas time you'll normally hang them on the wall or display them somewhere? My family hangs them on the wall. And you already know about how I love typography and fonts, so I naturally love to look at people's handwriting. Well, this is going to sound really weird but I actually made this font based on a friend's handwriting from her card. She (if you can't already tell her name's Becky) has a super cool way of writing, and most people would just look past it and think 'oh that's cool' but you know me - I have to make a font out of it. Do you have any weird hobbies like this?

Hope you have a great weekend! ;)

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