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Charleston, SC Vlog // Episode 48

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

(below: Unitarian Church, Charleston)

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! (the following is about my vacation, if you've missed that click the 'Other Vaca Content' below so you know the latest in my life) This week's video is a vlog of my family's trip to Charleston, South Carolina. We went during our first week on vacation in the Palmetto State and I thought it would be a really fun thing to vlog! Charleston is such a fun city, I mean I have to love any city that has a place called "Rainbow Row"... right?! It is sooo colorful and it has so many great photo opportunities, and we all know that photo ops are what makes a place valuable to me. ;) Be sure to check out that vlog and enjoy!

So far my family has found that South Carolina is just a generally 'hot' state. I mean, it's assumed that down south is going to be hot temperature wise, but we've found that it's hot in literally every way. I'm not kidding... two times now I've been really hot and sweaty from a run (which is a whole different story, trust me) and turned my shower to ice cold hoping to cool off. The water doesn't go as cold as in PA to begin with, which I can live with, but then I get into the 'ice cold water' only for it to turn to hot water 90 seconds later. Like what??? Also, our car's AC is mysteriously not going as cold as it did before the 95 degree weather. Also, (now this is not necessarily a surprise) the ocean water is WARM, no joke, it's barely even refreshing! So in case you had any doubt in your mind... South Carolina is HOT. H. O. T.

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