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Choosing Your Color Scheme

Gosh does that cover photo look professional! Hey guys! How's it going? So today I'm going to give you some advice about choosing a color scheme. This is common problem (at least in my class's projects at school it is) and a lot of people have a hard time choosing the right colors to put in anything from a school project to a business slideshow. Or both if you were in my 7th grade English class last year. Anyway, on to the advice giving...

So, one of the first things you want to think about when choosing a color scheme is, 'What is it for?' Let's give the example of a slideshow project about opening your own business. If the business you're writing about is a restaurant, reds and other warm colors would work great because if you look up what the color red represents, it can actually enhance human metabolism. Supposedly, red can make you feel hungry. Who knew?

If you're doing the slideshow about opening a computer software company (although why you would want to do that in 7th grade, I don't know) blacks and whites might look good because it could be associated with early pictures and black and white TVs. Get it?

For exmaple, whenever I think of antique, I think of super dark reds and dark emerald green.

A good key to getting the right color for whatever you're doing is to quickly think of it, and whatever the first color you think of is, use something like that. Like whenever someone says 'McDonald's' I think red.

Another thing about color schemes is choosing how many colors and how much to use each of them. I always think that a good color scheme is 3 colors. You'll want two that could be slightly similar, like the mint and teal above. You could do two warm colors and one cold, or two cold and one warm. One thing I like to do is (like in the picture above) put two warm or cold colors together and then add the third as a black, white or dark grey. I think a good way to use each of the three colors (if you're using three) is 60% one main color, 30% another color, and 10% another color.

For instance, in my website I use 60% dark grey, 30% light teal, and 10% pale pink.

Has this helped you at all? Be sure to use these tips whenever you're searching for the perfect color scheme. Oh, and here's a bonus, here are two articles from Wix Blog about color schemes and what colors make you feel. Check them out!

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