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Grier's Global History | Art Senior Project

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Today I'm sharing some photos and a review of my final high school art project, as it's something that I've wanted to document forever on here and somehow haven't yet!

For my entire last semester of high school, I dedicated at least 1-2 hours per day to working on "my map" - a map of my high school's history and graduates. I got the idea in January and with the help of my wonderful art teachers and Grier staff, I managed to collect the supplies and historical research needed to make it come to life. I wanted to not only create an artistic tribute to everything that Grier has meant to me, but also to somehow showcase just how extensive and fascinating Grier's 170 year history is. With hours of research in the school's alumni archive, searching and finding the hometown of nearly every Grier Girl since 1910 in the old yearbooks, I was able to compile all of that information into this world map. This project combines my love for historical research, typography, geography and most importantly, Grier into my special senior art project.

Artist Statement: This world map portrays Grier's alumni and history dating back to 1910, showing the global distribution of our graduates. The color of each mark indicates the year the name/mark was from (key in bottom left), and in total there are 460 names and around 3800 marks. There is one mark for nearly every graduate since 1910, and four names per year on the outer layers. Every person who has passed through Grier's gates has added something to the collage of its history, and it's been so fulfilling to communicate that storied history.

Size: 9ft x 4.5ft

Materials: Acrylic paint, puff paint, book pages, Nori paste on canvas fabric

This map truly is my proudest art work ever and I'm thoroughly pleased with how it turned out. It's now hanging at Grier as a representation of the impact of every girl who has called that place home. I miss Grier dearly, and I'm so thankful I could work to make this vision come to life!!!

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