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Sweatshirt Sweater

Hey everyone! The start to a new week has come, and with it comes lots of new Edith Noble content. Let's jump in...

As I added these pictures to my post writing page I realized that I forgot to write my comments about the outfits on the model page. Sigh. (I know, I just ruined everyone's day, didn't I?) Well never fear, the blog post is here! (Okay, never saying that ever again!) I'll just write here what I would've written there, how's that?

Let's start with the outfit on the left, shall we? A little while ago when I was making these designs I had the idea of an athletic long sleeve with clear-ish mesh parts sewn into the shirt. There's a mesh v-neck and mesh stripes around the upper arm for breath-ability. The leggings can really be anything but here I made them a bright neon pink to clash a bit with the top. I'm going to completely disregard those sneakers from this outfit because they did not turn out how I thought they would. (Fun Fact: I can't draw sneakers to save my life.)

The outfit design on the right was supposed to be very comfortable, but also something that you could wear and still look nice. The top is a sweatshirt-like material so it's super comfy and possibly teal green. I would call it a "sweatshirt sweater". It's also supposed to be a bit (I want to say baggy but that doesn't sound quite right)... loose and it can be a bit big as well for more loose purposes. The skirt is an offsetting copper color to the top and it's a very simple no-seam skirt that cuts off about mid-thigh. Those shoes I can draw though and they should be a peachy orange color to go with the teal green top.

I think that worked out pretty well for not having any notes, no?

Any thoughts or ideas? ;)

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