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Pink Palm Jeans Designs

Hey everyone! Full disclosure, I started this website in January with all of the different blog sections... and here's my first one for the Designs category. I'm really productive, huh?

Anyway, welcome to the start of edithnoble design. I know I said that I was done with all of the PEI posts, and I truly thought that I was... until I just now realized that I drew this page while were driving to and from Charlottetown. I'm sorry.

On the left page here I designed (at least in my opinion) some pretty sweet jeans. They have hot pink palms all over them and should be cut off about three-ish inches above the ankle. In my mind they're super comfy and stretchy like leggings, and you can run/be active in them, but they're obviously jeans. The top is a frilly sort of tank, with a subtle fir green trim. Personally, I kind of hate frills and lace that stick out a lot, but I can live with short ones like this that are elegant, but if faced with a game of soccer in the yard, you can beat the rest and still look fab. You get me?

The second page wasn't really anything terribly special, just some random ideas. The first model has a light (maybe meshy?) peach top with a gold/copper pocket and rolled jean shorts. The second is just a plain long sleeve green shirt (I actually sort of regretted the color after I chose it) and multi color palm shorts. Do I have an obsession with palms? I think so.

However, here is the highlight of this page... the shoes. I've half invented, half copied these flats that you'll notice I put on almost every single design I do. They're super simple and just some mesh/soft cloth fabric that make some cool and durable flats. (I've also made them so that they match pretty much everything.) Feel free to scroll through the slideshow of close-ups down below.

Here you go guys! It only took me 6 months... but here you go! What do you think? ;)

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