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Halloween Costume Article Cover for SCAD District

Happy Halloween everyone!! Today I'm so super excited to share my first ever published photography that I shot a few weeks ago. I recently started contributing to SCAD District which is the SCAD student publication and voice. Through contributing I have the opportunity to pitch article ideas and create visuals for their stories! One story that I picked up the visual for was an article about art school halloween costumes because I felt that I could come up with a creative idea for a cover photo. After a ton of brainstorming and planning, I created this editorial-type photoshoot based around the idea of a funky getting-ready experience. With a lot of prop help with my friends and my amazing classmate Scarlett as a model, we created these photos!! I'm so ecstatic with the results - they're way more funky and strange than my normal style so it felt very out of my comfort zone to play with lighting and creativity like this. I only needed 1-3 photos for the article but shooting was just so much fun so I created a whole gallery out of them. Photoshoots like this make me so excited to keep creating with so many super cool people here at SCAD and especially contribute to District! Check out the article and all of these photos and enjoy!!

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