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Inverted Photobooth [AP Art Piece]

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Today I'm posting a bit of a photography throwback to a sort of photoshoot I did with some classmates back in October. For my AP Art Sustained Investigation, I'm exploring how art styles change throughout history and how that affects society. For this piece, I wanted to create a photobooth-esc setting in which my fellow AP Art chicas could pose in fun ways and I could snap their pictures. I wanted it to be 1980's style of color palette, and imitating Andy Warhol's celebrity photobooth collection, which you should totally check out if you've never heard of it. It turned out to be so fun to get my amazing classmates and friends to pose while blasting crazy music in a music practice room. I later turned them all into a photobooth-strip style magazine cover (the actual art piece), but for this post I wanted to display them altogether in this way, which shows their personalities and amazing poses. These aren't all of the photos, only my favorite, but I love how they turned out and how fun the inverted colors are! Check it out!!

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