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Photo Shoot Decor

Hey everyone! Here's a picture of the little set I did when I made and short intro video for my YouTube videos today. One thing that I think will help me look (and feel) a little bit more professional with my videos is an intro clip... so here's my attempt. I tried to do a bit of a story line where I do some aesthetics and then pick up a colored pencil, put it down, and then do an ariel shot like this. What do you think?

Now, there are a lot of things that could go wrong with what I'm about to say, so don't take much of it literally. But sometimes I really wish that some people could see what goes on in my head. And I'm not just talking about 'oh I have a cool thing I want to draw', no, I mean sometimes I just have (I want to say visions but that just sounds down right creepy) ...ideas of videos or pictures for a blog post that, in my head, look amazing. Like, I think soon I might do a photo shoot with one of my friends and I have some awesome looking ideas circling around in my brain. I think it would look cool if we could do it in my local downtown and around some painted buildings down there. See, oddly creepy right?

Some things that I think look good in photo shoots like the one above are different kinds of nicknacks. I did that Edith Noble Design picture earlier today and planned to do a picture with it. Literally, just look around your bedroom or somewhere like that for trinkets and things that would look cool together. By looking at my dresser I found the succulent above, the rock from PEI, and that silver ball. Can you guess what that is? It's actually one of those screw-open lip balms. Random stuff like that can actually look good together. ;)