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Pre-Vacation Conservation

After literally a solid minute of thinking, I came up with this title. FYI- Soon, I plan to do a blog post for every YouTube video explaining what it is and listing the supplies, but for today I need to share a little update on my family. Next Wednesday we're all going on vacation (!) to Prince Edward Island, Canada (!!!) for 10 days. I know I've been telling you guys about this for literally weeks, but the time is drawing closer! Not only do we now have 10 days' worth of packing to do, but we've also been preparing in other ways...

Ever since we found out that we're going on a vacation out of the country, we've all been trying (key word- trying) not to spend any money on any toys or anything like that so that we can get some awesome souvenirs while we're there. How do you think that'll work out?

I just noticed that I haven't given any fashion advice in a while, (is that a good thing or a bad thing?) so let's do a little Outfit of the Day update here. I've had this shirt for a while and it's pretty comfortable and it matches a lot. But don't even get me started on these shorts! They are so comfy and they also match pretty much everything. They're really light and soft too, which works for sitting or walking.

Again, watch for some YouTube updates. Are you going on vacation this summer? ;)

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