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Styling Your Bracelets

If you hadn't already seen proof that every household should have a fur scarf from the Newport Mansions, here it is. I mean what caveman doesn't always have a fur scarf on hand, no?


Hey everyone! I know I haven't really been giving a whole lot of fashion advice in the past few posts, so here you go. Enjoy.

Okay, so you know how there's always that super cool kid at school wearing 3 and 1/2 dozen bracelets every day? Yeah, here's the styled version of that...

One major thing you always need to know when putting on jewelry is don't over do it. It's super easy (for me at least) to pick out a dozen pieces of jewelry that match your outfit, only to realize that your neck can only withstand so much weight. Anyway, you need to know when to stop. Just like with a lot of swim suits, it might seem super stylish in your head but the reality can be not so stylish. I like to stick with two accessories, like one necklace and one bracelet group. Or one ring and necklace. See?

(Fun fact: I've found that rings look best on hands without any other jewelry on, so it doesn't look super glam.)

Another tip for styling bracelets is to choose matching metals. Don't wear a silver bracelet with a gold bangle, for two reasons. 1) For the sake of anyone like me who views two metals on the same body as potentially against the law. 2) All of the metal detectors for miles around will have a field day.

My last pearl of wisdom for today is to match not only metals, but colors too. Try to get good color combos (see from previous post) to match your outfit, or offset it. I find that bright colors often go better with silver, and darker colors go best with gold and others like that.

So, have you found this helpful? Use the Chat With Us box to let me know what you think! ;)

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