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The Power of Sundresses

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

(this picture was taken at Hunting Island State Park, which became our main family beach)

I'm very happy to bring you a bonus blog post this week! I had this idea a while ago, probably on a day when it was particularly hot, to make a post on the power of sundresses, and I figured it might be nice to break up the vacation content. *cue the dramatic hero music* Okay, so it's hot in the summer... no duh. Well something that I, and my mom I might add, have found very useful while vacationing in one of the hottest places on Earth (ok that's probably an exaggeration but if you had stayed there for a month you would understand too) is that it is FAR too cumbersome to wear pants. I mean come on! It's like 150° and I have to wear shorts?!

I have found that wearing a simple sundress can solve nearly all of your problems! Need to be dressy? Wear some short heels and pile on the matching jewelry. Need to be casual? Just wear some comfy sandals and a messy bun! A light sundress can really work for almost all occasions, dressy or casual.

Below you can see me demonstrating the different ways a dress like I'm wearing can be worn, running (although that could backfire), sitting, standing, walking, that's everything you need right?

Also, what jewelry is right to wear with that sundress you love? I believe that it really depends on the dress's pattern. For instance, if you have a sundress with a few simple pattern, pick out jewelry that stands out as a statement piece. With a bold pattern, pick out more simple and subtle jewelry that doesn't clash. When in doubt... bracelets!

Shoes? For a more dressy occasion go with some ankle boots (if the weather is suitable) or dressy flats that you would typically wear with a work outfit. For something more casual, go with some comfy sandals that you know you can walk around in.

There you go! Hopefully I have fully shown the power of sundresses to you! They are great for almost any summer occasion and I hope this may have given you some outfit inspiration! :)

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