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Typography Quiz

Hey guys! The day has finally come, your big surprise is (drumroll please)... a typography quiz!!! I am so super excited to release my first quiz to you guys and I think you'll really enjoy it so let's jump in...

Okay, so I just made a YouTube video on how to take the quiz that you can check out if this post doesn't explain it fully. For this you'll just need a scrap of paper and something to write with. (or if you have the memory of an elephant you won't need anything at all except this post) Just number the questions 1-5 down the side and write down the letter of your answer. (example: 1. A, 2. C, etc.)

Do that in the gallery below...

Once you're finished taking the quiz you can find out what font most suites you! Tally up how many of each letter you have (example: A's: III, B's: I, etc.) and find the font of which ever you have the most of!

Thanks for taking the quiz and hope that you enjoyed it! You can share your results if you wish in the Chat With Us box or comment them on the YouTube video. Remember that I do have a new YouTube video about that, here it is...

The Video:

My Channel: (EdithNoble)

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