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We went to Gettysburg... but it was fun... (Gettysburg Vlog) // Episode 150

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a nice summer weekend! This week's video is a vlog from a few weeks ago, in which my family takes a day trip to Gettysburg to explore and see the history. It turned out to be a really hot day, but apparently that's the weather that it would have been during the battle - so we got the authentic experience, lol. We visited a diorama of the battle, which was the biggest war diorama in the country, as well as quite a few of the state's monuments and memorials. The Pennsylvania Monument was especially cool because you could go up a spiral staircase to the top and look out at the view. My favorite part had to be Little Round Top, because there was an interesting castle structure and lots of rocks to climb on, just like at Devil's Den. Overall, it was a very interesting, if sweaty, trip so be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!!

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