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A Day in My Life: SC Vacation Edition // Episode 49

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Heyyyy everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! (I just had a slushie so this post is probably going to be overly upbeat and energetic) Last Sunday I decided to film a day in my life video and I'm very pleased with how it turned out!! (told ya... energetic ;) We decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise and then chill at the beach for the morning, and it turned out being a very fun day. I also learned how crazy a feeling it is when it's 10am and you've been up for 5 hours. (yeah, I felt that later)

These pictures are actually from the second time my family went to Charleston, South Carolina. We went to this area of road called Rainbow Row (yes, I know, a place with 'rainbow' in the name... I need to move there!) which is a bunch of row houses that are all painted different pastel colors. They've been painted like that since the mid 18th century and it's absolutely stunning. I mean we all know that my feed's aesthetic is basically all rainbow so all of the pictures I got here are so great!

Be sure to check the video out and enjoy! :)

Episode 49:

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