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How I Use My Favorite Curlers// Episode 29

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic! I just posted my newest video where I show you how I use my favorite curlers. Seriously, these things work like magic, and the curls will stay in for hours!

Okay, so this week in YEA class (don’t remember it? Click here) we got to have 2 guest speakers come in from an advertising company called “Lamb Solutions”. A lady who was the owner and a younger guy who was the (and I quote) “Creative Marketing Director” came in and told us all about advertising and business cards, and the guy was a graphic designer. For most people, I think that staring at a screen with 20 different versions of two words combined would have been pretty boring, but for a typography fanatic like myself, it was so amazing!

What do you think, would you have enjoyed that?

Be sure to check out the new video and enjoy! :)

Episode 29:

My Channel: (Edith Noble)

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