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Savannah, GA Vlog // Episode 50

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Wow. Episode 50. Wow.

Ok, Mango & Me as a series has evolved so much and I am sooo happy with everywhere it's taken me. I mean, my content really couldn't get any more random, but I like variety. Not to be THAT blogger but thank you, yes you, for reading this and supporting me throughout all of this crazy ride! Ok, I'm kinda blown away but let's move on.

This week's video is about my family's second trip to Savannah, GA. It's such a crazy city and it has so much to offer, I really love it! Charleston and Savannah are like sisters in my mind, they're both so artsy and unique. Savannah obviously has SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) which adds so much to the city. Actually, before SCAD was founded Savannah was a pretty broken down and ugly city, and SCAD really just revived it which I found so beautiful!

You know, you never know where the need for a bathroom will take you. Yes, that sounds very strange but I'm serious! My family had planned to go to church in Savannah at 5:30 and around 4:45 we found the need for a bathroom so we walked a short distance to the SCAD Gift Shop (which was very well designed as you can see from the pictures above and below) to use their bathroom. Simple right? Little did we know that, number one, the bathroom was freaking amazing (let's just say that my mom and I had an impromptu photoshoot), but number two, we would get a free life-changing experience out of that trip. If you haven't heard of SCADstory (I hadn't either... click here for a link to their website) it's basically a 4D storytime of how the Savannah College of Art and Design came to be.

And yes, 4D... they found more D's.

We had no idea what it was until we walked out of the gift shop bathroom, were asked if we wanted to take a 20 minute 'tour' (for lack of a better word) of how SCAD came to be, said yes, and walked into a dark room facing a TV. The room in question was a small room made to look like a library with a TV above a fireplace.

Oh yeah, and there was nobody except my family and a half a dozen other visitors in the room. No college ambassadors. Just us in a dimly lit library with a few strangers. Sounds like a recipe for fun right?

So we started watching an introduction video on the TV above the fireplace. It was narrated by the founder Paula S. Wallace and the effects were awesome, with different color lights going on and off and a little bumblebee light projection moving around. It was super cool, and for a free experience we all would have been very happy to leave it at that. But then the wall that the fireplace and TV were on opens. And fog comes out.

And what other logical thing is there to do except go through?

Okay, so obviously we go through the wall and into this next room which is larger and rather dark. I won't go into too much detail about what all happened in that room and how Paula Wallace told the story because we could be here all day. Let's just say that it ended with heroic music and confetti, and I don't know about the rest of my family but I felt quite heroic and a bit like I had graduated from SCAD with the rest of the students in the video.

If you haven't gathered it yet, we all had a great time and it was quite an experience! Unfortunately you weren't allowed to film or take pictures during the experience but you can see the rest of our day in the vlog that I just posted on my channel! Be sure to check it out and enjoy!! :)

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